Teddie  Hathaway

Artist Statement

As an artist I feel that my material choice is an important part of my artistic narrative.  After years of experimentation, I have chosen to work with old window glass - one of the least recycled materials.  I believe the medium enhances the message that we all share responsibility for caring for our common environment.

Various processes are used in my work, but the common element is that the pieces are kiln formed.  I work on the glass when it is cold, both before and after it is placed in a kiln to be heat treated at temperatures sometimes reaching as high as 1600 degrees. 

G l a s s  A f l o a t


After a 20 year career in various staff positions for the Congress in Washington DC - with time off for child rearing, working in the public school system, and the pursuit of an MBA - Teddie Hathaway is a glass artist whose studio is on a houseboat in Sausalito, California.  Her calling as an artist is quite a departure from a distinctly left-brain career.

Teddie uses recycled windows in her kiln formed work because she believes the artwork becomes a reference to our shared environment.  Her work has been exhibited in shows from the west coast (Washington state and California) to the east (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and DC) and internationally in Sweizel, Germany.  She has taught various glass techniques at 
Washington Glass School in Mt. Rainier, Maryland, The Crucible  and Studio One in Oakland, California,  Grand Theatre Center for the Arts in Tracy, California, and Public Glass, Waldorf High School  and the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco.